maren altman
astrology + yoga


what is astrology?

astrology is the correlation between celestial alignments and earthly events. it is not a science, and it is not an art. it is a study of pattern recognition and synthesis to better understand the past, navigate the present, and predict the future. i subscribe to the understanding that, much like a clock on the wall isn’t causing time but rather reflecting it, astrological alignments are not causal forces but signaling.

“as above, so below. as below, so above…” -Hermes Trismegistus

what can i expect in an astrology reading?

in an astrology reading, a chart for the client is cast and interpreted by an astrologer. with me, readings last one hour, and they range from covering present dynamics, to past events, and future preparations. i always cater my readings to what the client needs, not to perform all techniques possible within that one session.

how do i learn astrology?

astrology takes years of informative study and experiential client application. i learned through years of self-study through online and print material, followed by various mentorships. though i am not openly offering astro-mentoring at this time due to a busy schedule, if you are interested in ongoing astrological education, feel free to contact me to discuss possibilities :)