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i use a mixture of modern and traditional techniques to analyze the birth chart. in this reading, you can expect a personal analysis and guidance on how to best use your skill set to fit your life purpose. 

for this, i require an exact date, time, and location of birth.

readings are $150 each. i accept payment through PayPal.


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i use a mixture of both modern and traditional techniques to analyze the birth chart, as well as my own guidance towards any specific intentions for the consultation. particularly, i focus on determining realistic steps towards self-actualization, and i specialize in long-term timing techniques to contextualize an individual within a macrocosmic perspective. often, i address any shadowed parts of the self that require attentive care in order to navigate the future with more ease, confidence, and awareness.

for this, i require an exact date, time, and location of birth. please mention this in the comments section below, as well as any other pertinent information or specific topics of interest.

for other specialty readings (such as synastry/composite/horary) or natal consultations with unknown birth times (birth chart rectification services), please contact me directly.

price is listed below. i accept payment through PayPal, placed prior to the appointment. once payment is received, scheduling will be set up.

all readings are done online via Zoom, which includes a recording of the session to be sent afterwards.

please, don’t contact me if your intentions are anything other than receiving a reading. no creeps - no exceptions.

for all readings there is a 24-hour cancellation policy. no refunds may be granted after that period.  


complete birth chart reading ($150)

in this reading, i am able to provide whatever information can help you in this moment, whether that be detailed personal character analysis or guidance on life direction based on your skill set. i also include your upcoming transits as well as more advanced timing techniques which help to understand the long-term patterns and cycles. 

this reading lasts 60 minutes.


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