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Testimonials for Astrological Consultations with Maren

"Last week I had a birth chart reading done by Maren Altman, and I'm still in shock at how profound the experience was. As a yogi I'm pretty open minded, but astrology had always been a stretch even for me. After meeting Maren however, and hearing her explanations of how astrology actually works, I realized I'd completely misunderstood astrology and hadn't given it a fair chance. I decided to let Maren do my first reading. (Doesn't hurt that her fees are a bargain compared to the usual rates. Trust me, I checked).

And what a reading. Maren knows almost nothing about my personal life, yet she was accurate with just about everything: my relationships with my family, my financial situation, key incidents in my life, and internal dynamics I've struggled with for decades. She also provided me with tons of guidance about my future, some of it surprisingly specific. The insights that came out of that session have seriously resolved so much for me, and that's why I highly recommend her to all of you!”